Terminated: Exit Interview

Begin by explaining that this exit interview is anonymous and that no employees will have access to this information. The information is aggregated and used generally to help the company improve, for example: “My name is Cynthia. I was contracted by American Stone to conduct what we call exit interviews for employees who're no longer working with the company. I know this is probably a stressful time for you right now because you've been let go. But now's your chance to complain and hopefully help the company improve. American Stone (Star Stone) wants to find out what they could have done better, and where they could improve for all their employees in the future. This would take a few minutes of your time. Is this time convenient for you?” End the exit interview meeting on a positive note. Commit to using the information provided to improve your workplace. Wish your employee success in finding a satisfactory job that’s a better fit. End the exit interview graciously.
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