Manufactured Stone

What is Manufactured Stone?

Made from a mixture of cement, aggregates, and pigments, manufactured stone is molded to resemble different types of stone, such as limestone, slate, or granite. In veneer applications, there can be many benefits to using manufactured stone veneer. Here are just a few.

  • The insulating properties of manufactured stone can help improve a building's energy efficiency by reducing heat loss or gain through walls.
  • Manufactured stone is generally more affordable than natural stone. It allows homeowners and builders to achieve the look and feel of natural stone without the high cost associated with quarrying, shipping, and installation.
  • With all the different shapes, sizes, and colors, manufactured stone provides a wide range of design options. This versatility allows for creative applications in both interior and exterior surfaces of your project.
  • Compared to natural stone, manufactured stone is much lighter, making it easier to handle and transport. It also reduces the load on the building structure and foundation.
  • The lightweight nature of manufactured stone makes the installation process simple, which reduces labor, time, and costs. You may not even need specialized equipment or highly skilled masons.
  • Manufactured stone is robust and weather-resistant. It can withstand rain, sun exposure, and freezing temperatures, without deteriorating or fading significantly.
  • Manufactured stone is designed to have consistent color and texture, which is perfect when you want a uniform appearance.

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Provia Manufactured Stone


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