What started out as a summer vacation turned into a lifelong adventure and is now a family business. The Thomas family lived on a farm in Idaho and spent their summers gathering stone to use for winter projects. The kids remember them as fun vacations; after all there were no bails of hay to move or tractors to drive. They were up in the mountains with days filled with sunshine and adventure. Walt Thomas wanted to earn additional money to provide gifts for his family over the holidays and life on the farm was difficult at that time. Later in the winter months Walt would work as a mason installing fireplaces for extra money.

Eventually they would lose the family farm and move to the city. Lon was only 14 years old but had worked on the farm and expected to do the same in town. He would soon discover that others thought he was too little, too small or just too young to get a job! He was determined to show them they were wrong, after all he’d been driving farm equipment since he was 8 years old.

So Lon and his brother Evan set off to quarry stone. This would be Lon’s life long adventure and the beginning of American Stone. Oh the stories he can tell. Just ask him one day, but be prepared, pull up a chair and pour yourself a drink while the stories roll and enjoy!

Today American Stone has 4 retail store locations and 25 quarries.