Interview: GM (<750k)Small

To prepare for the interview, you may wish to print the assessment. To do so go to Reporting > Print Surveys; select the "Add" button from the pop-up; then select to add the survey, and click the "Print" button. Review the pre-interview assessment and pick three (3) suggested interview questions that you think a good manager would answer differently. --- Begin your interview by describing the job and duties. Explain that you have a planned interview that consists of 30 questions and that you have ____ minutes left to answer them all. Ask the candidate to help you to manage your time so as to complete every question. --- There are 30 questions. To determine a score for the interview, add all the responses and divide by 30. For example, if a candidate scored 10 on every question, they would receive 3000/30 = 100 for their score. IF TIME DOES NOT PERMIT a complete interview, you may choose to divide instead by the number answered. N/A is when you wish to allow for the question not to count. So for example if the candidate received three (3) N/A responses because you chose not to count them, you would instead divide by 27. It is best, to be fair, to answer every question. --- Final Score: ____
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