Interview: Exec Assistant to CEO

In addition to this interview, please look for: 1. A writing sample attached to the applicant's record. 2. Pre-interview questionnaire answers. 3. Powerpoint sample or equivalent.

What project management tools or strategies have you found to be effective?

Describe the most challenging event you've coordinated.

What experience do you have in maintaining equipment in working order?

What experience do you have with giving presentations?

Describe what you think differentiates a good manager from a poor one.

Describe what tactics you use to deal with difficult customers or co-workers.

Describe what you think is an effective communications policy.

What tactics would you employ to protect your supervisor's time?

Describe your level of competence with Word.

Describe what can accomplish in Excel.

Describe your level of knowledge with Access.

Describe your level of knowledge with Presentation Software.

What design programs have you used for drawing or design?

What do you like most about the job of executive assistant?

What do you think are the most challenging tasks involved in the position of executive assistant?

What accounting software or bookkeeping programs do you have experience with?

Describe experience you've had maintaining inventory. What challenges did you have?

Describe a situation where you had to use a high level resourcefulness and initiative to get the job accomplished.

What characteristics do you think a person who's a good multitasker exhibits?

What tactics do you use to help keep deadlines?

What techniques have you used to help ensure paperwork is filed appropriately?