Interview: Cashier

Before the interview, review the applicant's assessment and formulate any questions that would help explain any shortcoming they may have. This interview survey now has a textbox in the "Strengths and Weaknesses" section where you can record your impressions on the assessment. At the beginning of your interview, explain your needs as a company for the role of Executive Assistant to your applicant.

Would you describe yourself as a multitasker, and why or why not?

How long do you predict you will be satisfied in this position before wanting a new challenge?

If money were no object, what job would you rather have?

Generally speaking what do you see as your main strengths?

What do you see as your main weaknesses and how do you compensate for them?

What personal growth do you hope to achieve by working with our company?

What qualities do you think the ideal candidate for this job would have? Do you fall short on any of these?

Let's review what we learned about you from our assessment. My questions are ....

What aspects of the job of office manager (or cashier or customer service rep) do you (or would you) enjoy most?

Which tasks associated with this job description are you strongest in, have the most experience in, or enjoy most?

What are the tasks of this job description that you think you'll enjoy least?

Give one or more examples of measures you've taken in previous roles to remedy problems with communication.

What past history do you have communicating with people of different walks of life?

Do you speak Spanish?

What tools/methods/software do you use to keep yourself as organized and productive as possible?

Describe a situation where you had to use a high level resourcefulness and initiative to get the job accomplished.