Appraisal: SL Sales Manager

Follows the "Action Selling" model or a similarly successful model for sales.

Sales Goal Accuracy: has established accurate but achievable sales goals for self that reflected growth over the prior year.

Projected personal sales achievements are:

Projected team sales increase is:

Instills confidence and initiative in staff and managers; emphasizes supportive rather than restrictive controls.

Counsels employees in a supportive, constructive manner that encourages better performance.

Effective at disciplinary action; never avoids disciplinary communication because it is unpleasant.

Appropriately schedules employee hours while maintaining payroll budgets.

Demonstrates skill in recruiting, training and developing employees has resulted in higher employee satisfaction.

Has adhered to performance evaluations schedules for subordinates.

Presents store information (ex: sales goals) to employees regularly and in an easy-to-understand manner.

Delegation. *

Follow Up

All employees are aware of communications policy and GM consistently enforces it.

Has exemplified, enforced, and/or improved staff communication resulting in less turnover.

Has exemplified, enforced, and/or improved staff communication resulting in greater employee satisfaction.

Supervisor Communications.

Subordinate Communications.

Communication Skills Under Pressure.

Able to weigh the balance between chatty and business-focused conversation.

Professional and Positive Attitude.

Timely in Response to Messages. Employee is timely in responding to e-mail and phone messages from customers.

Customer Maintenance. Employee maintains contacts with assigned customers, contacting customers at a frequency of every:

Uses/Applications. Understands how a product is applied or best used, or which product is the best fit for customer needs.

Location within the Store. Can recall product locations in the store.

Availability/Source. Knows store-level availability, distribution channels, quickly ascertains quantities to supply customers.

Production/Fabrication. Understands how products are manufactured.

Times In and Out.

Number of Hours.

Meeting Attendance.

Microsoft Word Knowledge (or Google Docs Equivalent).

Microsoft Excel Knowledge (or Google Docs Equivalent).

Knows and utilizes Open ERP.

Multitasking. *

Planning and Organization