Appraisal: LH Yardhand

Definitions: Yardhand = Employee Sales Manager = Supervisor Regular appraisals are a communication tool that helps clarify for employees and their managers what job duties are required, what excellent performance means, how to achieve excellent performance, and at what level the employee is currently performing at. Evaluations help employees determine where they need to strive or try harder. Ultimately, appraisals help the whole organization to perform better; they ensure company success and that we all continue to enjoy working at American Stone for years to come.

Loads customer vehicles using correct equipment. *

Loads customer vehicles communicating liability; properly deals with accidents. *

Has excellent communication skills under pressure. *

Has a professional and positive attitude. *

Is able to weigh the balance between chatty and business-focused conversation. *

Focuses on business-related co-worker communication. *

Communication and Productivity Policy: Internet Use *

Communication and Productivity Policy: Cell Phone Use *

Demonstrates knowledge and care in maintaining product in optimum condition. *

Handles loaders, forklifts and other equipment in a manner that does not damage product. *

Loads pallets and stacks rock safely and carefully. *

Forklift, Loader, Excavator and other Equipment Operation *

Assists staff as needed while doing other assigned tasks. *

Cuts stone properly, safely and keeps saws and other equipment in good repair. *

Product Knowledge and Location *

Informs customers and client contractors of new products and services. *

Does employee have and utilize required safety equipment? *

Does employee follow standard safety procedures? *

Completed all applicable U-Haul University on-line training courses. *

Correctly receives returned rentals and properly completes the R&D tag for each. (Level 1) *

Knows and follows trailer hook-up procedures. *

Attendance: Clock in on time and work the expected number of hours for your position. *

Cleanliness and Orderliness: Keep your work area and the yard clean and organized. *

Multitasking and Time Management: Work efficiently, staying on work-related tasks. Multitask effectively. *

Grooming and Attire *