Appraisal: LH Yardhand

Loads customer vehicles using correct equipment. *

Loads customer vehicles communicating liability; properly deals with accidents. *

Has excellent communication skills under pressure. *

Has a professional and positive attitude. *

Is able to weigh the balance between chatty and business-focused conversation. *

Focuses on business-related co-worker communication. *

Communication and Productivity Policy: Internet Use *

Communication and Productivity Policy: Cell Phone Use *

Demonstrates knowledge and care in maintaining product in optimum condition. *

Handles loaders, forklifts and other equipment in a manner that does not damage product. *

Loads pallets and stacks rock safely and carefully. *

Forklift, Loader, Excavator and other Equipment Operation *

Assists staff as needed while doing other assigned tasks. *

Cuts stone properly, safely and keeps saws and other equipment in good repair. *

Product Knowledge and Location *

Informs customers and client contractors of new products and services. *

Does employee have and utilize required safety equipment? *

Does employee follow standard safety procedures? *

Completed all applicable U-Haul University on-line training courses. *

Correctly receives returned rentals and properly completes the R&D tag for each. (Level 1) *

Knows and follows trailer hook-up procedures. *

Attendance: Clock in on time and work the expected number of hours for your position. *

Cleanliness and Orderliness: Keep your work area and the yard clean and organized. *

Multitasking and Time Management: Work efficiently, staying on work-related tasks. Multitask effectively. *

Grooming and Attire *