Appraisal: Executive Assistant

Sales demand and quarry output coordinate (provided there is no problem with quarry production outside of your control).

Quality of Writing Correspondence

Successfully initiates and follows up on all necessary correspondence with regulatory agencies and regarding operations.

Appropriate Co-Worker/Customer Communications

Promotes the company, supports co-workers, speaks positively of customers.

Responsive to calls or voice messages, emails, and texts, or other modes of correspondence in a timely manner.

Supervisor Receiving Important Correspondence

Supervisor Receiving Unnecessary Correspondence

Follow Up

Uses Correct Method of Contact According to Urgency

Business Oriented Communication

Grooming and Attire

Times In and Out

Number of Hours

Time Management for Supervisor

Personal Time Management

Uses OE project manager so that supervisor or anyone can step in and understand current tasks.

Is employee able to multi-task?

Does employee maintain productivity throughout their shift?

Is employee giving appropriate priority to tasks that need to be accomplished?

Office Orderliness

Appropriate Inventory


Inventory Turns

Inventory Stock

Calendars and Reminders

Source office equipment parts and coordinate repairs, working with technicians as necessary.

Source parts and work with in-house and out-sourced mechanics to maintain and ensure properly operating yard equipment.

Sources fleet parts quickly and within budget. Work with in-house and out-sourced mechanics to maintain fleet.

Manage the fleet schedules, receive logs and file timesheets from drivers.

Communicates well with supervisor and managers on fleet management issues, driver routes and availability.

Arrange for trucking companies to make deliveries of lumber and rock as needed.

Purchase Orders and Reciepts

Internet Use

Cell Phone Use

Keeping Deadlines

Keep abreast of and maintain records, including certifications, for MSHA Part 46 and 48 regulations.

Ensure quarries and workers are in compliance by conducting initial 8-hour MSHA training and orientation.

Files all required MSHA reports accurately and on time.

Effectively works with supervisors to update charts, graphs, and verbiage to include any changes in mine plans.

Every pay period, enter into Open ERP inventory received from the quarry foremen.