Storm Mountain Promontory Coursed Flats
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This stone is quarried by hand, each stone is varied in textures, colors, and weight, each peice will be different. Due to the nature of technology colors on your screen may not reflect the actual color of the stone.

Storm Mountain is a light to dark gray quartzite with accents of golden brown veining. This is a very durable, smooth, flat, and hard stone.

Used to create a beautiful stone exterior on homes, giving it the look of the old world home building reflecting stability and longevity.

Ideal for creating accent walls, both interior and exterior, to separate living spaces.

Available Sizes

Height: 1-5/8" to 7-5/8" coursed Length: 4-24" random Exposed face: Natural cleft Top and bottom: Sawn Ends: Random or sawn (Formerly called "coursed sawn ashlar")

This combination does not exist.

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