Surebond Polysweep Wide Joint Gray
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Installing PolySweep Polymeric Sand and activating with water will provide you with hardened sand within the pavement joints which helps to reduce sand washout, inhibit weed growth and protect against insect infestation.

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PolySweep is made with advanced Clear Set Technology which includes using native sands and the highest quality, clearest synthetic polymers. PolySweep’s formula also contains NO Portland Cement. That means, PolySweep will never leave a haze behind on the surface, and that’s a guarantee.
Field proven and time tested, PolySweep’s Superior Strength formula offers long lasting durability. Lab testing indicates that PolySweep performs better than the competition and offers superior cohesion and adhesion as well as the fastest set up. Put your trust in PolySweep, the polymeric sand that helps you get Joint Stabilization Done Right.