Aqua Blue Fire Glass 0.25" (20 lb)
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Outdoor living is in and fireplaces and firepits are the bigest thing in outdoor living.
Beautiful fireglass adds brilliance and color to exterior and interior lving spaces. Made to withstand extreme heat & weather conditions, these tempered fireglass stones are ideal for fireplace glass and fire pit glass, landscape designs, gardens, and aquariums. Enjoy the warmth of a fireplace without emitting any soot, ash, or harmful chemicals. Aqua Blue is the perfect color to emit the evening sun and reflect it's softness back into the area creating a soft blue sky. Fire Glass delivers an elevated design aesthetic, and is perfect for covering unsightly pipes or hardcware visible on gas fireplaces and firepits. Transform water features and aquariums into a shimmering paradise.

Turn your gas or propain outdoor fire pit into a blue twinkling comfort zone.

Use outdoor fire glass as a landscape faux river in your garden.

This combination does not exist.

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