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External Features

Irregular and diverse cut

ProVia Chisel Cut stone comes complete with unique characteristics.
Regular rectangles with irregular depths, diverse sizes and various textures for a complementary look with an impressive visual impact.

Chisel Cut manufactured stone veneer is impressive with or without a grouted application.

Dry Stack

Layered and Precise

Dry Stack veneer has a long term beauty that last a lifetime. Stones of varying thickness, and an array of color hues that range from earth grays complemented with charcoal with featured goldens browns and plumbs.

If your home needs a touch of sophistication drystack is the style for you.

As it's name suggest there is no need to include grout. 

Huron - Dry Stack

Ottawa - Dry Stack

Seneca - Dry Stack

Shawnee - Dry Stack


Whisperwood - Dry Stack


Rough and Imperfect

ProVia's Fieldstone Collection features several styles of uniquely shaped manufactured stones that fit together tightly, giving your home a standout look.

Straight edges, sharp points and unique shapes are set to portray a rustic charm that inspires old work charm of a country cottage.

Vision the appeal of walking down a cobble stone road along the fieldstone fence.

Old Dominion - Fieldstone

Pennsylvania - Fieldstone

Shenandoah  - Fieldstone

Strathmore - Fieldstone

Top Rock - Fieldstone



Irregular and imperfect

ProVia's Ledgestone features rough surfaces, jagged edges, with imperfect surfaces, and a deep rich color of earthy brown and gray hues for the effect of natural stone. Ledgestone can be installed either dry stacked or with a colored grout.

Shadows between each stone reflect a different glow and depth depending on the suns angle, giving this style a striking curb appeal.

Add a colored grout for an even more intense depth.

Prescot - Ledgestone


Rushmore - Ledgestone


Saginaw - Ledgestone

Santee - Ledgestone


Southbriar - Ledgestone


Susquehanna - Ledgestone



A collection of cool and warm colors combined together in a collection of cheseled square and rectangular stone.

Limestone is a cladding that has been popular for centuries. Architectural styles that date back to the colonial period

Add a colored grout for an even more intense depth.

Allegheny - Limestone

Amherst - Limestone

Blue Ridge  - Limestone

Harbor - Limestone

Buckingham - Limestone

Buff - Limestone

Ohio Vintage - Limestone


Sophisticated and earthy

This is a ProVia original stone veneer profile. It uses irregular sizes and varied textures to create the appeal of Old Country architecture.

Make a bold statement by replacing your whole exterior for the look of a historic mansion or fortress.

Ashworth - Natural Cut™

Fernwood - Natural Cut™

Woodbridge - Natural Cut™


Dynamic and Intense

ProVia's PrecisionFit™ is a precise fitting manufactured stone veneer that has natural colors, realistic textures and a character of natural stone.

A variety of individual rectangular stone combined into sections in a variety of sizes, creating a look of full depth stone with a rugged character.

Adobe Sands - PrecisionFit™

Arctic - PrecisionFit™

Driftwood  - PrecisionFit™

Onyx - PrecisionFit™

Sage Gray - PrecisionFit™


River Rock

Subdued and calming

Tones of green, blue, and gray dominate this stone pallet with rounded corners and smooth surfaces that characterize river rocks. Each stone appears as if it was gently polished by a flowing stream, with softened edges and lightly dimpled surfaces.

Perfect for bringing the ambience of calming waters to your home.

Michigan - River Rock

Mountain - River Rock



Smoky and cool

ProVia's Terra Cut™ give your stone the character of a long time weatherworn, coarse-grained stone. Giving the appearance of standing the test of time and beauty.

Beautiful coarse-grained and glacier-worn manufactured stone in hues of frost, steel and copper with strong contours.


Flintridge - Terra Cut™

Frost - Terra Cut™

Russet  - Terra Cut™

Slate - Terra Cut™

Summit Gray - Terra Cut™