Your Complete Xeriscape Project



You have a vision for your garden. You want to reduce the amount of water you use, and the amount of time you spend maintaining a beautiful outdoor space. Maybe you don’t know exactly how it will look in the end, but you know you are ready to xeriscape your garden space. You’re just not exactly sure where to begin, and the thought of relying on so many different vendors to get everything you need is a little overwhelming. That is where we come in. American Stone has all the stone you need, as well as the fun accessories, the tools, and the investment protection products to get your new xeriscape project off on the right foot! 


It starts with your vision. Maybe you have the entire scene drawn out in detail … or maybe you’re looking for a little advice. Or, maybe you’re looking for every bit of advice for your outdoor garden space! Our xeriscape experts know their stuff, and they have the best landscape contractors at their fingertips. They can help you get your vision to where you want it to be, no matter where it currently stands.


Besides the proper water conserving plant life, you'll need stone and any accent features you have in your vision. Consult with the xeriscape experts at American Stone to find the best mix of xeriscape stone for your project. Our experts will set you up with the right ground covers, decorative stone, accent pieces, and centerpieces to make your outdoor garden space everything you want it to be. You'll also need the right tools for preparing and installing your xeriscape space. You can pick up tools, edging and weed barrier when you are picking out your stone. Don't forget to protect your patio stone investment with stone sealer!


It is important to not overload your space with vegetation. Instead, lay out your pattern of ground cover, then selectively place your plants and larger stone pieces within your base design to add focus, interest, color and variety to your garden space. With Xeriscape landscaping, the possibilities of what your yard can become are virtually unlimited.

Add a whole new level of depth and elegance to your xeriscape space with an Aquascape water feature. Even in a drought, you can enjoy an eco-friendly water feature with a water recycling pump system. Our experts can help you design a beautiful water-conserving garden or outdoor living space, complete with a water feature. Your imagination is your limitation!


At American Stone, we exist to make the world more beautiful. Xeriscape is our game. We provide a full range of styles, textures, and colors to perfectly match the current style of your home, or to help you make an aesthetic change.

Whether you’re looking to establish a theme, or create a focal point in your yard, we can help make it happen. We’re all spending more time now at home than ever before.Call us for a free consultation with one of our Stone Representatives to see how we can help you build it beautiful. 

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