Xeriscape for Water Conservation

Build it Beautiful

With a beautiful xeriscape outdoor space

Installing xeriscape in place of other water hungry vegetation has long-term cost saving and environmentally friendly benefits.

A Beautiful Way to Conserve Water

Conserving water seems to be a regular plight. While we cannot control what Mother Nature provides for us, we can control what we do with what we have been given. Sometimes it seems silly to us to space out our bathing routine, or unsanitary to periodically skip flushing the toilet. And it seems almost criminal to watch the lawn yellow and die after we labored so much to get it as green and weed free as it is. There are countless ways to conserve water. With a dry winter, it becomes more pressing for us to think about water conservation.  

Installing xeriscape is an excellent long-term alternative solution in place of temporary–and less desirable–bathroom routine alterations. Effortlessly and actively conserve water while maintaining a beautiful outdoor space!

Xeriscape includes natural vegetation that requires very little water for survival, as well as natural stone for visual variation and beauty. It is a landscaping method that eliminates vegetation which requires large amounts of water. It also eliminates the need for fertilizes and pesticides, and is pollution free. Xeriscape can even increase your property value!

Given the excessively dry 2020/2021 Winter, Utah Governor Spencer Cox has issued a drought executive order in an effort to conserve water resources. This move is not uncommon, or unique to Utah. Many states resort to such measures in an effort to conserve water. Citizens are encouraged to find ways to reduce water use within their own domains. The Office of the Governor has noted many activities where citizens can conserve water.

We can help you reimagine your outdoor space with xeriscape, helping you to conserve water and reduce your labor efforts. 

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