What Does Relaxation Sound Like?

After a two year renovation inside, Von and Lynn turned their attention to the blank slate outside their house. Both front and backyards were little more than dirt and a few weeds. Like many home owners, they wanted something beautiful and functional. But they wanted something more than visual relaxation, they wanted to feel it, and hear it. Lynn started the ball rolling, then Von picked it up and ran with it.

To get started, Lynn and Von pulled out their phones and began an online search. Luckily, the inspiration they found led them to Geoff Brown and Paradise Falls and Ponds. With those ideas in mind, Geoff sat down with the couple to work out the perfect yard plan.

High on Lynn and Von’s list of wants were multiple waterfalls. Here’s where Geoff and his team got really creative. Working with American Stone, Geoff got all the stone — Brook Basalt, and Aquascape pond and waterfall components to make something really special. With only two water source points, Geoff designed the falls to split using strategically placed stones into multiple falls. The Paradise Falls team also had a unique challenge to keep these multiple falls  pushing 14 to 15k gallons per hour from appearing and sounding like raging rapids that would jump beyond the pondless water feature liners.

The results were spectacular.

Lynn and Von love the outdoor living areas that now surround their home. They absolutely got that relaxing atmosphere that they can see, feel, and hear.

At American Stone, we love partnering with folks like Paradise Falls and Ponds to help people find that place that makes their house a home.

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