Timing It Just Right

Why Preparing Now for Spring Projects is a Bright Idea

Is one of your New Years goals to make a make a yard that is so beautiful that it makes your neighbor green with envy (no pun intended)?  

Maybe you have a project that you want to complete this summer, because you waited too long to get started last year?  

Or maybe, you finally have the budget to put in that water feature, flagstone patio, or fire pit you've always wanted? 

Does this sound like you? 

Is now really the time to plan? You must be thinking: What? Now? In the middle of winter? Well, yes.

We talked to one of our landscape partners to get their take. Here's what he thinks you should know now for your spring and summer projects.

What is the most important thing a customer should know about planning early?

One of the most crucial aspects of starting a project is timing. Many people think a contractor will be available on short notice. Then a customer is surprised to learn the landscaper is  booked solid for weeks or even months., The time crush gets worse as the weather warms up. In short, get on a landscaper’s schedule long before you want the project started and done. By planning ahead you lock-in the services you need when you need them. Starting and finishing the project early lets you enjoy the project during the easy days of spring and summer. After all, isn’t that what you want?

Are there any products that should be ordered early?

Products to order early depends on the project and the suppliers involved. For example,  some things  can easily be stored, while others like polymer, porcelain pavers, or turf may be prone to cold wet weather damage in. But just like getting on a landscaper’s schedule, ordering early can  reduce the likelihood that product will be unavailable, which helps avoid backorder delays. 

What can you do now to get ready?

Taking advantage of the winter or post-winter months is a smart move. Contractors equipped with specialized tools can tackle tasks efficiently, even in bad weather conditions. This includes weed removal or groundwork, allowing for a smoother transition to heavier work when the weather improves. Did we mention that early preparation gives you  longer to enjoy  your project throughout the warmer season?

Will I need a permit or approvals?

For many landscaping projects, permits may not be required. That could change if your project involves attaching structures to the house or building. Also, there may be county, municipal, or HOA restrictions that could slow things down.  Find out early and apply if necessary to avoid hiccups in your project. 

How much should I budget?

That can be a little more difficult. A contractor can provide a budget estimate, but keep in mind, material prices can fluctuate. It's important to plan for a budget range. Contractors recommend finalizing a budget in the winter months, so you are ready for the outdoor projects. But don’t forget, there  are projects that can be completed during cold weather that need budget work as well, such as indoor renovations.

How do I get my project timeline to remain consistent?

How complex a project is ultimately determines the timeline. The more complex can range from a week to several months. By customizing a timeline, you can be flexible and adapt to potential changes or additions that may come up during planning and execution.

You’ve got a friend in your Contractor

Contractors play a crucial role guiding customers through the planning process. A good contractor will often provide examples, draw up plans, or showcase previous projects. This can give you the inspiration and help to visualize the outcome. Working closely with a contractor ensures the final result will align with your vision and expectations.

So, are you ready for spring?

Planning early for a project is the key to a successful and smooth experience. Whether it's ordering products, preparing the project site, getting the necessary approvals, budgeting, or customizing timelines — careful consideration and collaboration with a contractor can lead to a project that not only meets but exceeds expectations. By starting early, you set the foundation for a stress-free and enjoyable transformation of your living spaces.

Thank you to Doug Kern from Mountain Land Landscape for the expert advise and tips!

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