Taking a Yard from Disappointment to Wow






New Home, But Not for the RV

Imagine this scenario. You move into a new house with your RV in tow and realize you have nowhere to park it. In fact, the previous home owners loved lawn. Most of the landscape was one big carpet of Kentucky Blue Grass — not the most water efficient landscape for Utah.

What do you do? Well, home owners Chuck and Janet didn’t want to lay concrete slabs because they’re cold and impersonable. So, they started looking around to find a landscape “professional” to help make the right choice for their hardscape project.

Unfortunately, after a year and a half, the landscaper they started with only managed to remove the lawn from the circular driveway and dump some gravel. Chuck and Janet were getting embarrassed, and could not get the landscaper to deal with the ugly yard he had created.

(Janet) is “ecstatic” about her new landscape. She brags about it to all her friends and neighbors who stop by and say, “Wow!”

Help When You Need It

That’s where Doug Kern from Mountain Land Landscape, and American Stone stepped in.

Janet and Chuck were a little wary of just turning over the hardscape project to Doug, but after some initial discussion and suggestions to use flagstone, benches, and rock for an outdoor fireplace from American Stone, they were ready to get started.

Anxious to make the homeowners happy, Doug wanted to make sure the project didn’t turn into a year and a half of disappointment. So, Doug worked throughout the winter months, weather permitting. And the results speak for themselves. Or at least Janet does when she says she is “ecstatic” about her new landscape. She brags about it to all her friends and neighbors who stop by and say, “Wow!”

The little slice of heaven includes a meandering flagstone path that curves around the house to a custom pergola, fire pit, benches, and even a little vegetable garden.

At American Stone, we’re thrilled to help quality landscapers, like Doug, who make their customers’ outdoor living dreams a reality. And help them find a place to park their RV.






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