Exit Interview

NOTE: This exit interview has been updated for all employees whether they speak Spanish or English. This survey was updated Jun 24, 2016 to shorten it and so that all exit interviews were in the same place. It was updated again on August 2, 2016 to include the "Graded Survey" portion. While some employees are forthcoming with why they quit, others do not want to offend or are less than communicative. The graded survey gives a way for information to be collated and remain anonymous. The other exit interview surveys remain (I've not deleted them) as there may be records attached to them. - Cynthia Begin by explaining that this exit interview is anonymous and that no employees will have access to this information. The information is aggregated and used generally to help the company improve, for example: “I was notified when your employment at American Stone (or Star Stone) was completed. I understand you’ve moved on, and that this may be a stressful time for you. American Stone (Star Stone) has asked me to help survey employees after they have left the company because they want to find out what we could have done better, and where we could improve for all our employees in the future. This is an anonymous survey; no employees will have access to this information. This would take 5 to 10 minutes of your time. Is this time convenient for you?” "Hola, mi nombre es Cynthia. Fui notificada* cuando se terminó su empleo con American Stone (o Star Stone). La compania me ha pedido que le llame para llenar un cuestionnairo porque quieren averiguar lo que podrían haber hecho mejor. Ademas, quieren saber lo que podrían mejorar para todos los empleados en el futuro. Esta es una encuesta anónima; otros empleados no tendrán acceso a esta información. Esto tomaría de 5 a 10 minutos de su tiempo. ¿Tiene tiempo ahora?"
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