Interview: SL Salesperson

Describe the anatomy of a sale. (If this is not understood): In other words, what makes sales happen?

In your past experience describe what factors diminished sales opportunities and how you sought to overcome them.

What plan of action would you devise with sales managers to help achieve our expected sales goals within the next year?

Presuming you've supervised salespeople who've not achieved their goals. What tactics you do feel are the most effective remedy?

What metrics would you establish to accurately determine, & evaluate your performance, justifying your salary on year from now?

How would you ensure these metrics accurately measure your personal performance and not simply efforts of your sales team?

What do you see as your main strengths?

What do you see as your main weaknesses and how do you compensate for them?

What personal growth do you hope to achieve by working with our company?

What 5 key qualities do you think a lead sales professional for our company needs to have? Do you fall short on any of these?

Are you mechanically inclined?

Do you change your own oil in your car?

Consider this statement and react: It takes twice as long to train someone to do this job than it takes for me to do it myself.

Discuss 2 past experiences: 1 where you made a poor choice in delegation, what you learned; 1 where you effectively delegated.

Give a past example where you decided not to delegate a task you normally would and why.

Give one or more examples of measures you've taken in previous supervisory positions to remedy problems with communication.

Discuss steps you've taken in the past to establish an maintain communication policy?

What past history do you have communicating with people of different walks of life?

Do you speak Spanish?

What tools/methods do you use to keep yourself as organized and productive as possible?

Describe a scenario from your past experience you feel would illustrate your management style.

What strategies have you witnessed as effective in lowering turnover?

What strategies have you seen increase employee satisfaction?