Interview: Accountant

What factors influenced your decision to become an accountant in the first place?

What aspects of the job of accountant do you enjoy most?

Which areas of accounting are you strongest in, have the most experience in, or enjoy most?

What accounting tasks do you enjoy least?

Microsoft Word Knowledge (and Google Docs Equivalent)

Microsoft Excel Knowledge (and Google Docs Equivalent)

What additional accounting software experience do you have?

How proficient are you with a 10-key?

How proficient are you with a computer?

Co-Worker Communications *

What past history do you have communicating with people of different walks of life?

Do you speak Spanish?

Would you consider yourself someone who deals with difficult people well or poorly? Give an example from your past.

Do you have management Experience?

Describe a scenario from your past experience you feel would illustrate your management style.

What strategies have you witnessed as effective in lowering turnover?

What strategies have you seen increase employee satisfaction?

What relative management experience do you have?

Consider this statement and react: It takes twice as long to train someone to do this job than it takes for me to do it myself.

Discuss 2 past experiences: 1 where you made a poor choice in delegation, what you learned; 1 where you effectively delegated.

Give a past example where you decided not to delegate a task you normally would and why.

What do you see as your main weaknesses as an accountant and how do you compensate for them?

What personal growth do you hope to achieve by working with our company?

What 5 key qualities do you think a good accountant for our company needs to have? Do you fall short on any of these?

What do you see as your main strengths as an accountant?

How much of a perfectionist and can you give an example of why you gave yourself that rating?

Can you give an example of where you had to be resourceful to complete a task?

What tools/methods/software do you use to keep yourself as organized and productive as possible?

Illustrate how you prioritize each day's tasks.

Describe a situation where you had to use a high level resourcefulness and initiative to get the job accomplished.

What task in your past experience really tested your organizational strategy and inspired you to change?

How do you incorporate last-minute changes recommended to a project?

What tactics do you use to learn a skill quickly?