Exit Interview

Before calling: Give job position.

Before calling: length of time with the company.

Before calling: Supervisor name.

Before calling: Did the employee give notice?

What reason(s) did your supervisor give for letting you go?

Were you given any indication ahead of time that your actions might lead to dismissal?

If you'd had a different supervisor, do you think it would have been more likely you'd have kept your job?

What do you think about the company policies or performance standards your supervisor said were grounds for your dismissal?

Were other employees involved in what happened?

If quit: Did you quit so you could go to work for another company?

If quit: What was the main reason you quit?

If new job: What prompted you to start looking for another job?

If new job: What's the main reason you decided to go to work for the other company?

If quit: What could have happened to change your mind about quitting?

If quit: Were there other coworkers involved in your decision to quit?

I feel the training was adequate to do a good job.

The lighting was adequate for me to do my work.

Working conditions were clean and orderly enough for me to do my job safely.

If there longer than 2 months: I felt my supervisor recognized my achievements.

My reason for leaving was more personal than having to do with the job.

My supervisor communicated clearly to me what my duties and job goals are.

My workload was often too much for me to handle well.

I left because I felt there was no room for promotion.

I think that the pay some people received was not in keeping with how hard they worked.

My boss was always available for questions.

I felt the pay was appropriate for the work.

I think my boss was open to constructive criticism or new ideas.

I liked the actual work I was doing at American Stone, if you just consider the work.

My coworkers were friendly and understanding.

I felt like my boss cared more about us as a team than about him/herself.

What made you decide to take a job with American Stone in the first place?

What were the things you liked most about the job?

What were the things you liked the least about the job?

What improvements do you think should be made to make the workplace better?

Tell me three reasons in order you think would be the most important reasons people leave American Stone.

How could your boss improve at his / her job?