Are you a citizen of the United States OR do you have papers allowing you to work in the United States?

We will require you to do a pre-employment drug screening. Is this a problem for you?

How many pounds you can lift comfortably on a regular basis?

Are you 18 years or older?

(Optional): You may use your own vehicle to run errands. Do you have a vehicle, up-to-date insurance, and a valid license?

Have you been trained to safely operate any of the following equipment?

How many days were you absent from your last job? Please be specific.

How long did you work at your last job?

This job requires coordination, strength, and endurance. Can you safely perform all the required job functions described?

Are you able to perform the following duties (and list these) without any problems or issues?

Do you have any physical limitations that might limit your ability to perform this job safely?

Do you have any physical limitations that might jeorpardize your safety or the safety of others?

Let's review the hours. ... Do you need a flexible schedule for any reason?

Please review posted starting pay for this position. If the range acceptable? If not, how much per hour would be acceptable?

(Drivers only): Have you ever been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol?