Appraisal: VC Sales / Mechanic / Yardhand

Times In and Out *

Properly utilizes Time Clock to record, adjust, and submit timesheets.

Grooming and Attire *

Keeping Deadlines *

Maintains appearance of vehicles.

Consistently uses the correct tool for the job; uses tools adeptly.

Follow generally established procedures and practices for work, reads and follows instructions when needed.

Works safely and carefully.

Has the physical strength and stamina required for the job.

Changes oil correctly and on schedule. Performs other maintenance, like u-joint and chassis grease, at this time.

Fills lubricant (every 3 months) or as scheduled.

Changes or capable of changing fuel lines on schedule (every 800,000 miles or as applicable).

Changes or capable of changing the diesel particulate filter on a semi avery 250,000 miles or as needed.

Can service an air driver (every 2 years). Ensures air tanks drained regularly.

Can change radiator hoses as needed (regular maintenance at 600,000 miles).

Can effectively change the battery.

Changes air filters correctly and on schedule.

Adequately maintains steering system, spindles, wheels, fluids, and suspension systems.

Keeps tires and spare in adequate repair; advises when new tires are needed, repairs tires.

Rotates tires as scheduled.

Ensures no leaks to cooling system, repairs leaks. Flushes (every 150,000 mi. or as needed). Maintains fluid levels.

Maintains the hydraulic systems of the dump truck and any other applicable vehicles/equipment.

Conducts repairs on components of electrical system.

Maintains brake pads within acceptable wear ranges. Adjusts, replaces, and repairs brake rotors.

Could find the cause of an oil leak, recommend action, and carry out repairs.

Repairs manual or automatic transmission systems components, gear trains, hydraulic pumps, couplings, as applicable.

Responds to all requests for repairs in timely manner, adequately prioritizing work.

Effective troubleshooter who can determine cause of a reported problem on any vehicles/equipment.

Fixes problems with bodywork on any vehicles/equipment. Does welding as needed to conduct repairs.

Forklift Operation

Multitasking *

Attention to Detail in Customer Sales and Invoicing *

Communication Skills Under Pressure *

Able to Weigh the Balance between Chatty and Business-Focused Conversation *

Professional and Positive Attitude *

Appropriate Co-Worker Communications *

Timely in Response to Messages. Employee is timely in responding to e-mail and phone messages from customers.

Customer Maintenance. Employee maintains contacts with assigned customers, contacting customers at a frequency of every:

Team Sales Goals *

Sales Meeting *

Outbound Leads *

Inbound Leads *

Opportunity Conversion. When a lead is qualified and the new potential customer is assigned to a sales professional. *

Question 1

Question 2

Retail Yard Pricing *

Internet Use *

Cell Phone Use *

Sales Goal Accuracy. Establish accurate but achievable sales goals for himself/herself that reflect growth over the prior year. *

Individual Sales Goals. If only contributor to closing, this equals the team goal; otherwise, it’s a portion of this goal. *

Office Orderliness *

Workstation Stocked with Adequate Supplies on a Daily Basis *

Orderliness *

Restroom cleanliness *

Restroom stock *

Cleanliness *

Orderliness *

Forklift, Loader, Excavator and other Equipment Operation *

Uses/Applications. Understands how a product is applied or best used, or which product is the best fit for customer needs.

Location within the Store. Can recall product locations in the store.

Availability/Source. Knows store-level availability, distribution channels, quickly ascertains quantities to supply customers.

Production/Fabrication. Understands how products are manufactured.

Stock *

Purchasing *