Appraisal: SN Sales Team Member

Personal Time Management *

Outbound Leads *

Inbound Leads *

Opportunity Conversion. When a lead is qualified and the new potential customer is assigned to a sales professional. *

Sales Goal Accuracy. Establish accurate but achievable sales goals for himself/herself that reflect growth over the prior year. *

Individual Sales Goals. If only contributor to closing, this equals the team goal; otherwise, it’s a portion of this goal. *

Team Sales Goals *

Sales Meeting *

Action Selling *

Supervisor Communication *

Communication Skills Under Pressure *

Able to Weigh the Balance between Chatty and Business-Focused Conversation

Professional and Positive Attitude

Timely in Response to Messages. Employee is timely in responding to e-mail and phone messages from customers. *

Customer Maintenance. Employee maintains contacts with assigned customers, contacting customers at a frequency of every: *

Co-Worker Communications *

Uses/Applications. Understands how a product is applied or best used, or which product is the best fit for customer needs: *

Location within the Store. Can recall product locations in the store: *

Availability/Source. Knows store-level availability, distribution channels, quickly ascertains quantities to supply customers. *

Production/Fabrication. Understands how products are manufactured. *

Internet Use *

Cell Phone Use *

Times In and Out. *

Number of Hours *

Grooming and Attire *

Desk Orderliness *

Attention to Detail in Customer Sales and Invoicing *

Forklift Operation

Microsoft Word Knowledge (and Google Docs Equivalent). *

Microsoft Excel Knowledge (and Google Docs Equivalent). *

Multitasking *

Keeping Deadlines on Bids, etc. *