Appraisal: SL Sales Team Member

Salespersons and sales professionals have the same duties. However, based on goals set, their emphasis will be different. Regular appraisals are a communication tool that helps clarify for employees and their managers what job duties are required, what excellent performance means, how to achieve excellent performance, and at what level the employee is currently performing. Evaluations help employees determine where they need to strive or try harder. Ultimately, appraisals help the whole organization to perform better; they ensure company success and that we all continue to enjoy working at American Stone for years to come.

Outbound Leads *

Inbound Leads *

Opportunity Conversion. When a lead is qualified and the new potential customer is assigned to a sales professional. *

Sales Goal Accuracy. Establish accurate but achievable sales goals for himself/herself that reflect growth over the prior year. *

Individual Sales Goals. If only contributor to closing, this equals the team goal; otherwise, it’s a portion of this goal. *

Team Sales Goals *

Sales Meeting *

Action Selling *

Sales Meeting Attendance

Sales Meeting Participation

Communication Skills Under Pressure *

Able to Weigh the Balance between Chatty and Business-Focused Conversation

Professional and Positive Attitude

Timely in Response to Messages. Employee is timely in responding to e-mail and phone messages from customers. *

Customer Maintenance. Employee maintains contacts with assigned customers, contacting customers at a frequency of every: *

Attention to Detail in Customer Sales and Invoicing *

Forklift Operation