Appraisal: Marketing

This is a review and assessment for the first 90 days of employment/probation period. The assessment is designed to review the onboarding and integration to American Stone regarding duties, performances, and overall contribution to the organization. As the Marketing Manager you are responsible for allocating resources to the most important projects and initiatives as set by the other owners and making them happen. A key element of your job will be finding ways to get done what the organization has defined as important. Excellent performance in this position means setting and achieving performance and profitability goals as agreed upon by you, the owners, and your staff. We expect that in addition to completing assigned tasks in a timely manner you will also search out ways to improve the company on your own. Performance Rating Key: 1. Unsatisfactory: Work performance fails to meet requirement standards, do not understand or perform the essential duties and function of the position. 2. Partially meets expectations: Work performance meets some expectations with areas requiring additional improvements and may not have complete understanding of essential duties and functions of the position. 3. Meets expectations: Work performance meets expectations, understands and performs the essential duties and function of the position. 4. Exceeds expectations: Work performance regularly is above expectations. Demonstrates strong job knowledge and ability to perform the essential duties and function of the position. 5. Excellent: Work performance is superior to job expectations. Demonstrates extremely broad and deep job knowledge and exceptional ability in performing the essential duties and functions of the position.

Uses/Applications. Understands how a product is applied or best used, or which product is the best fit for customer needs:

Location within the Store. Can recall product locations in the store.

Availability/Source. Knows store-level availability, distribution channels, quickly ascertains quantities to supply customers.

Production/Fabrication. Understands how products are manufactured.

Without looking it up, write in the company vision statement.

Without looking it up, write in the company's four objectives to accomplish our vision.

This position develops a marketing plan incorporating our company vision and objectives. How accomplished is this goal?

Submit a budget backing requests for expenditures with solid evidence.

Keep expenses within budget. Watch your balances for each type of expense and never exceed budgets.

Follows the "Action Selling" model or a similarly successful model for sales.

Acknowledge and help every customer. Encourage high-quality employee-customer relations.

Has produced (or subcontracted) professional photographs of product, including an graphic edits.

Ad(s) created (or directed creation) has resulted in attractive, professional, compelling and demonstrated (tracked) success.

Advertising goals have been established and are on target.

Demonstrates flexibility and agility in shifting advertising efforts to render the best ROI.

Has measures in place to effectively track advertising efforts.

Has established or updated branding standards for American Stone and Star Stone.

Demonstrates understanding of the essential duties and functions of the job.

Is willing to update and expand skills, knowledge, and training.

Achieves performance and profitability goals agreed upon, on schedule.

Allocates the appropriate resources to projects denoted as most important.

Completes work in a timely manner.

Demonstrates initiative in proactively finding problems and proposing solutions.

Demonstrates attention to detail and rarely had errors or mistakes with work assignments.

Use time management tools that aid you in multitasking effectively, staying organized and on schedule.

Uses OE Projects to keep track of objectives so fellow employees can view your progress.

Properly submit supplier invoices in a timely manner, within 7 days of payment or billing.

Demonstrates and promotes collaboration, cooperations and productivity, leading to team building, support and respect.

Follows company communications policy and communicates effectively on business-related matters, and listens well to others.

Uses collaborative technology effectively and productively.

Creates effective presentations for our sales staff or managers regularly demonstrating our progress.

Keep all data related to leads up-to-date, using OpenERP fully so that all sales staff can communicate effectively.

Demonstrates openness to change; is responsive to reinventing ideas to benefit the department and organization.

Demonstrates ability to make timely, prudent decisions related to budgets, resources, and effective beneficial impact.

Utilization of Resources

Demonstrates safe standards and procedures; accidents are avoided.

Updates our existing websites as needed, competently and in a timely manner.

Suggests updates to improve website functionality with comprehesive reports.

Website improvements are tracked and reported resulting in clear satisfactory improvements.

Has initiated on-site and off-site SEO campaigns, or worked with 3rd party, and reported progress.

Has initiated SMM campaigns, or managed 3rd party, and reported satisfactory results.

Has reported on and issued a number of email campaigns.

Has established goals for email subscription growth; has met goals.

Has established and cultivated customer feedback from Yelp.

Maintains excellence and professional presence on Google+, Yelp, YellowPages and other feedback/ratings sites.

Use the SMART model to set goals, track performance. Submit reports each quarter on progress based on your contract.

Future Goals: Write in future goals you hope to accomplish by your year anniversary.

The following is input and comments from the owners.