Appraisal: HR Specialist

Uses OE project manager so that supervisor or anyone can step in and understand current tasks.

Successfully uses Google Documents, spreadsheets, and Google calendar to collaborate.

(Evidence supports that) employee uses S.M.A.R.T. model to set goals and accomplish them in a timely manner.

Resourceful in posting on various job boards and mass emailing applicant pool to advertise openings.

Works with managers to develop methods for retention.

Documents and updates managers on policies regarding new hires and terminations.

Help keep supervisors abreast of payroll expenses, including job advertising, which should be approximately 10% of gross sales.

Tracks and updates advertising methods to make the most efficient use of money and resources.

Serve as English/Spanish point of contact for applicants, receiving phone calls, aiding in application or scheduling interviews.

Facilitate and keep track of H2B visa processing.

Appears to be sending me the best (or the most appropriate) candidates.

At least 3 eligible applicants for jobs launched are delivered within less than a two-week period if budget allows it.

Follow-ups regularly to ensure job board is accurate and priorities understood. Responds to priorities.

Follow-ups with managers to ensure employees under consideration are offered jobs in a timely manner.

Appropriately weighs when an assessment is necessary so candidate pool doesn't become too small.

Work with managers to develop materials to aid in orientation.

Assist managers in drafting and maintaining written SOPs for their employees, as necessary.

Create forms, graphics, adversements and banners as requested.

Keep managers abreast of changes in the Labor of Department regulations, like updates to posters and wage laws.

Inform managers of issues that could lead to liability and unforeseen fines.

Updates policies regarding human resources to the managers’ handbook.

Attend seminars and maintain abreast of the latest in laws, considering the budget provided for this activity.

Attend the HR segment of the weekly BIT meeting as necessary to present topics and collaborate with managers on issues.

Provide turnover, advertising, and recruiting analysis reports to aid in establishing budgets.

Follow up with managers or support as needed to ensure employee new hire paperwork gets carried out in a timely manner.

Aid with employee job descriptions, including manager’s job descriptions and ensure they coordinate with evaluations.

Assists employee surveys (to the extent managers need support) to standardize interviews for each job.

Aid managers to the extent they need to develop appraisal plans and evaluations for jobs.

Aid managers where necessary in staying on schedule with evaluating their subordinates and in drafting new contracts as needed.

Conduct exit interviews, compile information and submit regular reports.

Quality of Writing Correspondence *

Successfully initiates and follows up on all necessary correspondence with regulatory agencies and regarding operations.

Appropriate Co-Worker/Customer Communications *

Promotes the company, supports co-workers, speaks positively of customers.

Responsive to calls or voice messages, emails, and texts, or other modes of correspondence in a timely manner.

Supervisor Receiving Important Correspondence *

Supervisor Receiving Unnecessary Correspondence *

Follow Up *

Uses Correct Method of Contact According to Urgency *

Business Oriented Communication *

Times In and Out *

Number of Hours *

Time Management for Supervisor *

Is employee able to multi-task?

Does employee maintain productivity throughout their shift?

Equipment and Vehicle Maintenance *

Google Documents and Sheets *

Create Supplier Invoices in OE for CC charges and invoiced expenses.

Keeps job advertising and other expenses within defined budgets.

Discounting punctuality, employees and customers report GM models motivating behaviors employee should emulate.

Has encouraged workplace health with at least one creative initiative this quarter.

The following is input and comments from the owners.