Appraisal: GM SN VC Quarterly Assessment

This assessment is for the general (store) managers of the Sunset and Vancouver stores. Prior to completing this assessment, you should have handy your quarterly report (see your contract. Order your report and address each of the duties in the report). Before you can complete your report, note that you'll have to have completed quarterly inventory first, as many objectives are based on knowledge of these numbers. Definitions: General Manager (GM) = Employee Company Vice President = Supervisor

Meets Sales Objectives. Your goal for 2015 is to grow gross sales for your store by 50% over 2014.

Has set individual staff goals. Keeps staff continually aware of their progress in OpenERP or Google Docs.

Has set a personal sales contribution goal for the quarter and has met it.

Has stocking and priced adequately to maintain inventory dollars at roughly double annual sales.

Has established appropriate pricing balanced to encourage turn and maximizing profit meeting 0.125 turns per quarter.

Maintains product levels within seasonally (time period) approved order points.

Meets or exceeds the 40%+ gross margin goal.

Tracks current outstanding AR, sets monthly goals below 30 days, and has improved on this goal month over month.

Has cataloged a full inventory no less frequently than every 3 months, prior to quarterly report.

Shrink at 0%.

Has taken recommended measures to ensure loss is minimized.

Employees do not complain or quit because of staffing levels.

Staffing levels balanced to optimize profits: staff always busy, yet customers always attended.

Employee hours kept within approved seasonal ranges: 30 to 40 during winter and 35 to 45 during summer.

Payroll expense is at around 10% of gross sales.

Personal business credit card contains only expenses from companies we have no credit account with.

Reviews subordinates’expense requests, ensuring credit card used only with companies we have no account with.

Has created supplier invoices for personal expenses of all expenses with attached invoice/receipt within 7 days.

Has ensured subordinates create supplier invoices for expenses with attached invoice/receipt within 7 days.

Keeps personal expenses within approved budgets.

Reviews subordinates' expenses; ensures they do not exceed budgets.

Inspects equipment at least once a month or as necessary to anticipate maintenance needs.

Repairs equipment in a timely manner; frequent maintenance issues are anticipated.

Vehicle paperwork and registrations are up-to-date and present in each vehicle at any given time during evaluation period.

Fleet records are consistently up-to-date for each machine in OpenERP including all required data.

Equipment is washed semi-annually.

Maintenance records are kept up-to-date in OpenERP for each machine.

Tracks delay-to-open and delay-to-close numbers.

Has set monthly delay-to-open goals for the sales department and met goals.

Has set monthly delay-to-close goals for the sales department and met those goals.

Uses OpenERP for lead and customer tracking. Keeps all data related to leads up-to-date.

Assigns salespeople qualified leads or “opportunities” in a timely manner.

Salespeople are aware of the idea of persistency, understand their goals, and meet them.

GM personally follows the communications policy with regard to conversations with his/her supervisor.

GM personally follows policy regarding subordinate communications.

All subordinates are aware of communications policy regarding supervisor communications and GM consistently enforces it.

GM personally follows the communications policy with regard to cell phone use.

All subordinates are aware of communications policy regarding cell phone use and GM consistently enforces it.

All subordinates are aware of communications policy regarding internet use and GM consistently enforces it.

Completes higher-level tasks that generate more money for the company him/herself, while delegating those requiring less skill.

Coordinates operations of the stone yard, any local production, and where applicable, runs smoothly and productively.

Minimizes unemployment costs by ensuring no employees have qualified for unemployment during the quarter.

Observation and customer feedback show GM trains on, and associates demonstrate, a solution-oriented customer service model.

Staff found to be using "Action Selling" or other effective sales techniques.

Based on observations and customer feedback, staff acknowledge and help every customer.

Staff, in event of customer property damage, always ask (not offer) what can be done to make the customer happy.

Customer feedback is encouraged.

All staff after training period demonstrate excellent product and store knowledge in their interactions with customers.

Staff presents excellent communication skills under pressure.

Product always in proper locations; spills, waste or unusable product dealt with, areas swept adequately, & debris removed.

Office(s) should be swept, mopped, have no broken windows, have all lighting working, computers dust blown out monthly.

Kitchen equipment in good repair, cleaned weekly or as necessary; employees keep the kitchen clean and orderly.

Employees scheduled to clean bathrooms; trash emptied daily; customers needn't ask for supplies; needs addressed immediately.

Stock and/or supply rooms are well stocked, clean and organized.

Grass, plants and landscaping, inside and out have been watered and beautifully maintained.

The garage should be clean and accessible, tools organized with no junk piles and no unlabeled buckets of fluids.

Has an average attendance of 45 hours per week, scheduled at relevant, strategic times.

Works at least one full-time 8-hour Saturday per month.

Arrives on-time and closes twice a week or more.

Personal timesheets have required no more than an average of 1 mistake or less each [pay period].

Anonymous feedback from subordinates says GM's attendance supports them, motivates them, and that they think the GM gives 110%.

Bases decisions on who to hire on the largest candidate pool possible in shortest timeframe possible.

Use OpenERP’s interview survey tools to aid you in keeping track of interview information.

Uses skills-based pre-test information to aid in evaluating your candidates’ strengths/weaknesses before interview if available.

Doesn't start employees until they have successfully passed a pre-employment drug test.

Has established up-to-date safe practices in writing that all employee know about.

Employees have proven their understanding of safety regulations.

Has established up-to-date standard operating procedures in writing that employees know about.

Employees have proven their understanding of standard operating procedures.

DOT and driver paperwork is accurate and up-to-date. Achieves at minimum national average for DOT Violations/Inspection.

Employees are encouraged to report all accidents, even small ones, and these are adequately recorded.

Accidents at 0; or if not, employees are aware of rate and goals to try and lower number.

Enforces employee attire rules for the purposes of customer experience and employee safety.

Attends the weekly company-wide sales meeting and conducts this meeting every 1 in 6 times.

Leads at least a weekly local store sales meeting.

Documents and ensures staff is participating in meetings.

Volunteers for action items.

Participates in the BIT meetings.

Discounting punctuality, employees and customers report GM models motivating behaviors employee should emulate.

Has encouraged workplace health with at least one creative initiative this quarter.

Welcome input, comments and complaints from employees, even about your own performance. Be accessible.

Non-sales employees should understand their job objectives clearly, know their goals and progress.

Complete your subordinates’ appraisals and update contracts on schedule.

Production output for the quarter was increased by 100% over 2014.

The following is input and comments from the owners.