Appraisal: Accounting Clerk

Regular appraisals are a communication tool that helps clarify for employees and their managers what job duties are required, what excellent performance means, how to achieve excellent performance, and at what level the employee is currently performing at. Evaluations help employees determine where they need to strive or try harder. Ultimately, appraisals help the whole organization to perform better; they ensure company success and that we all continue to enjoy working at American Stone for years to come.

Appropriate Co-Worker/Customer Communications *

Direct inbound calls appropriately, serving as effective gatekeeper for supervisor.

Cell Phone Policy

Give positive and constructive feedback to coworkers. Always assumes responsibility for tasks assigned.

Log every call/email in OpenERP

Grooming and Attire *

Filing *

Open and correctly sort postal mail.

If assigned, manage the ap email box, maintaining a clean inbox, by processing every incoming message in a timely manner.

Times In and Out *

Number of Hours *

Personal Time Management *

Manually enter timesheet data with 100% accuracy.

Adhere to DOT policy for document retention and destruction.

Address issues arrising with human resource paperwork with the appropriate supervisor.

Process garnishments and child support adoptions.

Confidentially prepare a draft payslips, review for accuracy, submit for payment.

Accurately calculate quarterly commissions for sales staff.

Distribute paystubs with confidentiality.

Review employee contracts and correct any errors

Correctly administer and seal drug tests; mail them in a timely manner.

Correctly fill out new hire i-9s and w-4s; update expiring doc. i-9s; scan and upload to applicant profile in timely manner.

Build reports for government agencies, like Utah labor commission new hire reports or closure and commencement of MSHA.

Prepare quarterly and annual government reports on time and accurately.

Assist in any government audits regarding compliance.

Compile DOT paperwork including drivers’ files, hours of service logs, inspection logs, and fuel tax reports (IFTA)

Audit DOT files for completion and accuracy.

Maintain drivers files such that no documents expire without being updated.

Update drivers list with Drug Facility.

Administer random drug testing compliance.

Processes accounts payable invoices and credit cards in a timely and accurate manner (for CC's w/in 24 to 48 hours).

Process payments on time.

Enter and update vendor information, including address changes, and w-9s, fully and accurately.

Catch invoicing errors and train others to reduce errors in the future.

Correctly process inter-company orders, transfers, invoices, and landed costs.

Audit vendor/supplier statements and bank statements for missing, duplicate, or incorrect information.

Correctly process and collect on vendor credits.

Audit for, and collect on, sales tax overpayment on supplier invoices.

Enter production details into accounting system.

Volunteer for action items.

Participate in departmental WIG meetings.