Arterra Porcelain Pavers

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Arterra® Porcelain Pavers bring the look of natural stone into the exterior paver market. High definition glazed ink jet pavers offer all of the features of natural stone pavers, with the added benefits of porcelain. With all of the same characteristics and installation techniques of natural stone, these Arterra® Porcelain Pavers can also withstand freeze-thaw cycles. They can set on grass, sand set or installed with mortar over a concrete bed.

Available Sizes

12 X 48"
16 X 47"
18 X 36"
24 X 24"
24 X 48"
8 X 47"

Available Colors

MSI Arterra Pavers Lucas Betulla

Lucas Betulla


Arterra Pavers Legions Midnight Montage

Legions Midnight Montage


Arterra Pavers Legions Pav Lunar Silver

Legions Pav Lunar Silver

Arterra Paver Soreno Ivory

Soreno Ivory


Arterra Paver Soreno Taupe

Soreno Taupe


Arterra Paver Beton Sand

Beton Sand

Arterra Paver Fauna Cyrus

Fauna Cyrus


Arterra Paver Katella Ash

Katella Ash


Arterra Paver Petra Beige

Petra Beige

Arterra Paver Praia Gray

Praia Gray

Arterra Paver Quarzo Gray Pattern

Quarzo Gray Pattern

Arterra Paver Trevi Silver

Trevi Silver