Stone has been used for thousands of years. Since ancient times, natural stone has been an enduring symbol of wealth, beauty, and sheer magnificence.


Natural thin stone veneer has been fabricated for many years. Recently, machinery (by a variety of manufacturers) has evolved to cut natural full dimensional stone to natural thin stone veneer (nominal 1-1/4 inch thickness). The machinery can also cut 90 degree corners that are used for corner applications, concealing the true thickness of the stone.


The results? Natural thin stone veneer weighs less than full thickness veneer thanks to the thin cut. The lightweight pieces help reduce production, shipping, and construction costs. In addition, natural thin stone veneer can be installed without footings or ledges and adheres to concrete, plywood, paneling, drywall, and even metal.


Most consumers prefer natural stone over “man-made cast concrete” materials, which is why natural thin stone veneer is becoming so popular in the marketplace.

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Starting the year off on a great foot, American Stone joined the Natural Stone Institute on January 1, 2016! The Natural Stone Institute is a joint venture between the Marble Institute of America and the Building Stone Institute, and it’s the organization to go to if you want information on standards, workmanship and application of natural stone products.

Membership in the Natural Stone Institute includes the adoption of the MIA+BSI Code of Ethics, a code American Stone was following even before it was granted membership. This code has several factors:

Objective: Satisfied and happy customers

Our company vision is to “help people create beautiful spaces and living scapes through natural stone products.” Be they homeowners, building owners or design professionals, American Stone does its best to help customers’ landscaping and building dreams become a reality.

It’s always nice to hear that we have achieved this goal. Chris, who purchased stone with us, let us know we did a great job by writing a Google review:

“These guys are awesome. Toby … is great, easy-going and nice to do business with. Everyone else there seems to be the same way as well. Very happy with the service and the flagstone … we were able to hand pick.”

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 Cooking and construction are not so very different. Wait a minute! Hear me out. Both take simple materials and make something new. For example; cement, concrete, and mortar are like flour, cookies, and frosting. Often you hear cement, concrete, and mortar used interchangeably, but each one is very different in composition and usage.


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It is time. Time to finish that project that will make your house the talk of the neighborhood. Time for all your neighbors to drive past your house and say nothing because their jaws have dropped to their knees…in envy. The moment has come. Your know what you want your patio/walkway/amazing project to look like, and it is time to go and pick up the stone that will change your yard...nay, your life! There at the stone yard, you find the perfect stone for your project. Then, as you stand in your moment of power and action, you think to yourself, so…how much of this stuff do I need?

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